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New TJ music!

Hello dearies!

A new song recorded by our dear dai~chan! hugs and happy listening!


new Dai, check it out!

hey guys long time no write!

sooo....i found out that our dear dai~chan (TJ!! *rawks* ~-^) is making some awesome new tunes over at the 'tube. go rate and comment ne!!!!

much luv and hugs, dahlia

p.s. the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA_LAGjyn4c


FLAVA! in da houz...

Vote For Dai!!

Hey guys! Our dear dai~chan is counting on us to vote, vote, vote!!! 

Here's the scoop:

Dai is participating in the UTABATO music competition in Japan!

U guys can find the info here:

english version:  http://utabato.music-dream.info/wayaku/e1/pc.html


japanese version: http://utabato.music-dream.info/anketo/pcank/index.html

To vote all u need to do is enter the following on your cell or PC:

1- select the artist (Dai~chan of course! ~-^ he is listed as TJ, ne!!)
2- enter todays date
3- name
4- email
5- click to vote!!

Here's a link to his rawkin' vid:


GO VOTE!!! DAI~CHAN RAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Arigatou, ne!!!!!!!!!!!



hey guys!

Hey everyone! ^-^ It's your mod here. ~-^ So, it seems dai~chan updated his myspace witha new pic. He looks great!

I've been pretty random updating but for good reason - i had a baby in december! So now i'm enjoying being a new mommie! ^-^ Must be in the air cuz Miyavi just announced he and his new wife are expecting in the summer. :) Can't wait to see how cute little myv~chan will be! lol  

Ok, guys, go over and say hey to Dai~chan on his myspace!  www.myspace.com/daiofficial   ♥♡♪♫

Take care!


New song!

Hey guys! Dai has a new song up on Myspace - go check it out! ♥♡♪♫


And...a new pic! It'd be sweet if u guys went over and sent some ♥♡! ^-^
Happy Holidays! hugs,dahlia

New Dai Youtube ^-^

Hey guys! Dai has a new youtube acct up and running with some pretty awesome acoustic covers. Go check it out! - And don't be shy - leave a comment showing the luv!
hugs, dahlia


Here's a great clip of "Shine"

(and thanks to hangedninja </a>for the heads up! ~-^)

Sep. 26th, 2008

Lookie what i came across on youtube. Our dear DAi performing an Arritake no ai de cover (i heart this song btw ~-^) Pretty cool. ^-^

Leave a comment guys, and let me know what u think!

Also, here's the link to his youtube page:


Show the luv - rank and comment! ^-^ Arigato!


Hey guys!

It seems our friend Dai has been busy recording some new music! ^-^ Go check it out on his Myspace! I think you will really enjoy it!



dai_love is back guys! l will update soon! ^__^

omg *finally* lol!

Dai updated his site with new pics and stuff! Go wish him a safe trip!