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He's baaaack!

Woohoo! Dai's back! Go say hello guys!



Hey guys! Dai's back online and updated his myspace with some new candid photos!

Here's the link - go visit and post some pic comments guys! ^____^


Wallpaper :P

I know...It is nothing great, but  it is my little gift
Enjoy :)

Newbie here XD

Hi :)
Here is Maraja. I want to be new Dai´s fangirl, cause he is so cool  :D 
*love and butterflies from Maraja* XD

PS: It is cool, that Dai is from Germany  :)
I am from Czech republic and it is neightbouring 
country :D Yay can´t wait for concerts :))))))))

Really like this artwork!

Hey guys! I saw this on Dai's Myspace and thought I'd put it on here. A fan drew it listening to one of his songs. Really pretty!


Find more work by the artist here :)


New Blog Update at DAi's Myspace

(After some technical probs the new song is up and running! Here's what he has to say...)


So for everyone who didnt read the deleted blog i uploaded it again :)


Hi my friends!

Hasnt it been quite a long time?

The past few days were quite stressful and busy but
i struggled :D yay! and everything was alright.

Today i worked together with fellow musicians, had a
great time listening to different styles of music,
acoustic, spanish and techno too!

That was really different compared to what i normally listen
to, rock. :)

Later after they were gone, i listened to one of the classics
of Dir En Grey - Cage. Thats a great song in my point of view,
so i recorded the guitars and well "remixed" the song to
a kinda spanish-acoustic-techno thing haaha!!!:DDD

I hope you still like that!

This time its more like fun stuff :)

Sorry for me being silly haha!!




Chibi DAi! Kawaii!

Made for DAi by ANGELINA

DAi Pics!

DAi's Journal - new updates

Friday, June 08, 2007
It's Update Time!

Hey everybody!

Just now I was recording at the studio and thought
it would be time to update a bit :)

Anybody knows Hyde? :)

He is a great artist and has written this great song for Nakashima Mika for the anime "NANA". I'm probably sure
you all know that song :) if not you can listen to my cover right now! haha

Somehow I thought " hm.. playing acoustic guitar and rocking hard.. might be a difficult task" so I slowed down the track a bit and made it slightly groovier with a drumloop!

:)I think it fits the weather in Hamburg right now.(its about 30°C !!! wow! i'm burning haha!!!)


please enjoy the sun and the tune!  (and grab an icecream :D)



P.S: recently my shedule has gotten a bit tight, thats why I wasnt able to answer the comments or emails I recieved immediately :(. That doesnt mean that i won't :)

P.S.S: I wanted to thank my myspace friend Angelina from Switzerland for a great drawing of me! Its so cute! Please check it out in my picture album "others"